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  • "Carina has the ability to ‘think out of the box’. She has a great facility for recognising the more offbeat possibilities and using this as a marketing tool. She has a sound knowledge of all aspects of the Africa travel industry, she is personable and engaging, but also tenacious – a winning combination."
    ~ Roger Diski - Founder of Rainbow Tours
  • "Carina's creativity, excellent communication skills and  talent for identifying and meeting client needs are an asset to any company as is her resourcefulness, commitment and enthusiasm."
    ~ Margi Biggs - Director of Specialized Tours
  • "Carina's presentation skills are top-rate. She is compelling and her genuine commitment to sustainability and eco-tourism has helped Rainbow Tours shape its own identity and reputation.  I can’t recommend Carina highly enough"
    ~ Diane Ceresa - Communication Director Rainbow Tours
  • "I have been a consumer of representation services for over a decade. I cannot think of anyone who is better equipped to bring a product to the UK market."
    ~ Judith De Witt - Director Bridge and Wickers
  • In particular his knowledge of SEO and being able to convey what the detail actually means for business delivery to different audiences has been particularly impressive. Jon was fantastic to work with and taught me and my colleagues a great deal about digital analytics – and importantly – why we should care!
    ~ Christine Brown - Internal comms manager - City of London
  • Quite simply, Jon is passionate about digital technology and its potential for business, organisations, individuals and society. Having worked with him on various projects he demonstrates a rare combination of qualities: he is both methodical and creative while also employing political acumen and ‘visionary’ thinking.
    ~ Christine Brown - Internal comms manager - City of London

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